Chaska is a band that fuses the intensity of world metal with the beauty of Latin American folklore elements.

Founded in Arequipa, Peru, in 2002, Chaska has become one of the most interesting bands in its country and in Latin America.

The unique and versatile style of Chaska's music is inspired and influenced mainly by the energy of metal, by Peruvian-Latin American sounds and textures, mixed in a new proposal whose aim is to create unforgettable music. The topics of Chaska's songs immerse the audience in a sea of pictures and paintings without limits, as well as legends, myths, and history of ancient and current Peru. Chaska's creativity has given rise to music that transcends borders.

Chaska, made up of five talented artists, presents a memorable live show that captivates and seduces the audience. Emotion, magic and power are ingredients that are always part of every performance that the band does.

Their debut album, Pururauca, was considered by specialized critics as one of the best metal albums of the Peruvian and Latin American scene.